Monitoring, Traceability, Compliance & Marketing ESG

A One-Stop-Shop solution for forest and agribusiness management and transparency.

1. Monitoring

Real-time satellite imagery and data for a wide view and need areas of interest.

2. Traceability

Individual identification of assets with physical tokens, georeferencing, images and recording of events on the ground.

3. Compliance

Automated access to more than 25 items of official data from the Brazilian government, without bureaucracy.

4. Marketing ESG

Tree adoption projects or protected areas to engage customers and gain a positive reputation.

Increase the productivity of crops, planting and forest preservation.

Complete, robust and innovative, Forest Watch allows producers, investors and maintainers to monitor areas of native and planted forests, agricultural and livestock production, with excellence and practicality.


Track from space and cross accurate data, effortlessly and in real time.


Get an immersive view of all assets, activities and events on the ground.


Be in full legal, environmental and social compliance and regularity.

Marketing ESG

Tree and forest adoption campaigns for consumer engagement.

Lots of features indeed!

The most feature-rich platform on the market with the unique ground asset tracking module with physical authentication tokens.


Weather - Cloud coverage;

Weather - Current + historical + forecast precipitation;

Weather - Solar Radiation (UV);

Weather - Temperature - Current + history + forecast;

Weather - Relative humidity;

Weather - Wind Current + historical + forecast;

Embrapa - Classification of soil profiles in Brazil;

Embrapa - Productivity forecasts;

Embrapa - Ideal planting period, with agricultural zoning for climate risk;

Identification of fire outbreaks (NASA satellite network - 1h);

Landsat + Sentinel-2 satellite imagery every 2-3 days;

Normalized Vegetation Index (NDVI);

Normalized Water Index (NDWI);

Nitrogen Reflectance Index (NRI);

Enhanced Vegetation Indices (EVI) + (EVI2);

Soil - Temperature at 10cm underground + historical;

Soil - Current temperature + history;

Soil - Current + historical humidity;


Biodiversity Indicators;

Carbon - Estimation of above-ground stock in forest plantations;

Carbon - Estimation of aboveground stock by Machine Learning;

Field events and inspections;

Individual georeferenced identification of assets in the field with physical tokens;

Indicators - UN SDGs;

Indicators - Engaged people;

Indicators - Plantation mortality;

Service orders;

Marketing - Adoption of assets;

Marketing - Communication Campaigns


CAR Rural Environmental Registry - Demonstration of the Cadastral Situation;

CAR Rural Environmental Registry - Property Details;

Consultation Conservation Unit;

Quilombola Consultation;

Indigenous Land Consultation;

Geographic Consultation of Municipalities;

Consultation of Labor Debts

IBAMA - Debt Certificate;

IBAMA - Certificate of Good Standing;

IBAMA - Environmental Embargoes;

Biome Identification;

INCRA - Consultation of installments of a CPF/CNPJ in SIGEF;

INCRA - Consultation of details of an installment;

Institute for Protest Studies on Brazilian Securities - Protests;

Ministry of Labor and Employment - Cases by Employer;

Federal Public Ministry - Amazon Protection;

Transparency Portal - Registration of Disreputable and Suspended Companies (CEIS);

Transparency Portal - National Register of Punished Companies

IRS - Registry of Rural Properties (CAFIR);

IRS - CNPJ Consultation + List of Debtors;

SEMA/MT - Provisional Authorization for Rural Operation;

SEMA/PA - List of Illegal Deforestation in Pará;

SNCR - Issuance of the Rural Property Registration Certificate (CCIR);

Labor Analogous to Slavery;

Superior Labor Court - Negative Certificate of Labor Debts.

IRS - Radar Foreign Trade Qualification

Markets in which we operate

Flexible and comprehensive, we serve various economic sectors, effortlessly.

Inventory &
Environmental Compensation
Field Traceability
And more...


A respectable list of national and international awards and achievements.

COP 21

Paris, 2015

Named one of the most innovative companies in the country in the environmental area.

COP 23

Bonn, 2017

Winner of Hack4Climate for Blockchain solution for Carbon Credit.

COP 24

Katowice, 2018

Participation in Hack4Climate as a consultant in the area of Environmental Technology.

Liga Ventures AgTechs

São Paulo, 2019

Recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Brazil.

Acelera 100+

São Paulo, 2021

Selected for AB InBev + PPA acceleration and pilot program.

Braskem Labs

São Paulo, 2022

Selected for Braskem's acceleration and innovation program.

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Reforestation, conservation, forest management and scaled cultivation projects with total security and transparency, and in a way that values biodiversity and the economic potential of the business.

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